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France’s Gilets Jaunes Protests Are Wrong

Before you block me I am not saying the Gilets Jaunes protestors are wrong. I am suggesting they have the wrong model. This message also applies to the American Resistance movement. As America slips into active Resistance to fight the ever increasing lawless Republican regime, our protests should look less like the Islamic State and more like Hezbollah or the Muslim Brotherhood.

This will be the dividing line between being painted as a terrorist or a valid social movement.

What did we learn from the Arab Spring in Egypt? Yes you can topple a government but you do not get to rule. The old power structure takes over once the excitement of throwing rocks fades. There is a reason why the Muslim Brotherhood came to power and not the protestors in Tahrir Square. There is a reason why Hezbollah now has seats in the Lebanese Parliament and can make or break the government.

Both Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood are community based programs. They provide medical, food, and welfare. In other words, they act like the government in their neighborhoods. In countries like the United States where the government is totally bankrupt in terms of social care and the normal government presence is jack-booted police with a well deserved reputation for abuse, it is vital for a social protest movement to solve social issues at the same time protest.

My advice to the French Gilets Jaunes is to step back and build a community care approach, work one-on-one winning hearts and minds in loyal neighborhoods like Saint Denis and the other banlieue. There is a reason why Barrack Obama rose from community organizer to President. There is a reason why Hillary Clinton failed to win the blue collar states. It is called community.

The American Resistance needs to prepare for an all out assault if Trump wins again in 2020. The Trump government will be brutal in its response. Trump and nearly all the GOP Congress believe they are above the law. A solid community presence will be a refugee.

William Church