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Book Review: You R Screwed: Being an electronic prisoner

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You R Screwed

William Church

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You R Screwed is about the growth of the United States Surveillance Police State and its penultimate coordination with all levers of power: corporate, social, and state.

There is nothing wrong until it goes horribly wrong. You can trust your government and its integrated corporate structures until you can’t.

This book takes no moral position or view. I am not advocating you walk around paranoid or change. Actually, the pop phrase is true: Resistance futile. It is true unless you have a plan and understand the threat.

I am advocating that you have a plan. You have an awareness of how screwed you are. It is my personal view that the United States government has already gone wrong. It is my personal view that the United States is a threat to our liberty and can not be trusted. I have one fact that hopefully will focus your mind: the United States government has a database with 8 million names called MainCore. It is a threat database. As an intelligence analyst I built these databases. I understand their need. However, it is shocking that the United State government thinks eight million of us are threats. It is shocking that MainCore will be activated by Presidential command.

You R Screwed because the United States government no longer needs to physically arrest eight million of us who are deemed threats. With the press of one button, you will wake up one day to find that your mobile phone, internet connection has been turned off. With the press of one button your bank accounts will be frozen, all your credit and debit cards frozen. With the press of one button you will be locked out of all transportation infrastructure: EZPass, Subway or Metro Cards. As you approach a turnstile facial recognition will activate a lock-out mode. When you attempt to flee, the police license plate reading network will locate your car anywhere in the United States and through coordination with car manufacturers and the specially installed “black box” in all new cars will turn off your engine. If you have bought a car like Tesla, the car will cease being yours. The government no longer has to physically seize your car. They can just turn it off.

Your home will be seized by the government by pressing one button.

Yes, Apple, Amazon, Ring and all the others fully cooperate with the United States government. Your electronic door locks, your ability to turn off and on your lights will be controlled by the government.

The government does not need to put you in a jail cell. They can simply control your doors and windows to only allow you to exit when they want.

None of this is futuristic. None of this is science fiction. These systems exist today. These systems are fully functioning today.

What does not exist today is a government willing to violate our constitution but we need to ask one question:

Are we on the verge of having that illegal government.

You R Screwed has two parts. In the first part I lay out the current threat: the United States government surveillance system. In the second part, I suggest possible actions to survive the coming government crackdown.

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Trump Putin Make Billions From Arms Sales: Arms sales Increase by 33%

What do Putin and Trump talk about in private? Their secret collusion is promoting a sense of war so each make billions from arms sales.

Trump and Putin are co-conspirators in a game to increase the sales of complex weapons systems, tanks, jets, and Air Defense Systems. Their puppets are the American people and the brain-dead American press chasing its tail over the misdirect of Russia-USA 2016 election collusion. It is a classic information warfare operation while Rachel Maddow’s head spins over Mueller they loot America.

The two leaders have a push and pull relationship. Trump pulls his support from treaties like the JCPOA with Iran, pulls support from Korea and NATO, and pulls the plug on the Intermediate Range Nuclear Force (INF) Treaty and Putin pushes weapons sales for both countries, with his stoic glowering presence. It is the story of the Clown and Evil Wizard, and no need to define who is the clown, that has pushed both countries to increased weapons sales.

The following chart shows the explosion in USA weapons sales since Trump and Putin started their routine,


This chart show how Russia has moved into second place in the world’s arms market.

Trump and Putin have played their game no where better than in the Middle East. Trump stokes war between Israel and Iran by backing Israel’s aggressive bombing campaign in Syria and moving its capital to Jerusalem. Not one news anchor sought to explain why Trump turned his back on Qatar, especially when it houses America’s largest airbase in the region. The answer is simple: Trump could make money from arms sales. The following chart makes this only too clear.

Arms sales to Saudi Arabia has exploded. Middle East countries take five of the top 10 USA weapons buyers. The proof of this theory is South Korea. Trump edged South Korea into the top 10 buyers by getting it to agree to a 8.5 percent increase in weapons sales this year.

The final proof is the stock of Lockheed Martin, America’s largest maker and whose not so tongue-in-cheek motto is: “If it kills we sell it.”

It started 2017 at $259 a share and ended 2017 $360, a 30 percent increase in value. Compare this to Trump’s first year in office and the start of his money making strategy, the Dow Jones only rose 14% (February 17 to February 18.

What do Trump and Putin talk about? They laugh about how easy it is divide America and control the news cycle while America’s and Russia’s billionaires loot the world.