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3 Corrupt Facts Trump/Pompeo $Greed in Venezuela USA Coup/Koch Brothers and War with China

Confidential Summary: CIWARS Intelligence Services

Pompeo/Trump’s greed for money and war against China drives the United States policy in Venezuela.

Here are the facts.

1. The Koch Brothers-Pompeo connection. Venezuela owes the Koch Brothers–an oil and gas company and significant right-wing GOP political supporter–$409 million dollars over a nationalization dispute of Koch Brothers assets in Venezuela. The Koch Family is Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s largest financial benefactor (See Federal Election Commission data) to the tune of millions of dollars. Koch Brothers are located in Kansas, Mike Pompeo’s home state, and own Pompeo.

2. Venezuela owes mostly United States investors over $65 billion in defaulted bond investments. A well known Trump supporting lawyer involved in recovering the defaulted investment has stated, “There will be no debt restructing for Venezuela until there is regime change. It is clear that Trump/Pompeo has chosen the coup route to recover USA investment.

3. This is also about China. Venezuela owes China billions and China has already cut a favorable deal to recover that debt. Today, China takes about 28 percent of Venezuela’s oil production to pay that debt. Trump and Pompeo are dedicated to hindering China’s growth and cutting off oil is effective. USA coup in Venezuela is just as much about hurting China as recovering money for USA investment bankers and Koch Brothers.

William Church

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